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Termites are social insects whose colonies are organised into castes with large ‘reproductives’ and smaller workers and soldiers. The workers feed the colony and tend to the needs of the queen whilst the soldiers defend the colony from invaders such as ants. These highly organised termite colonies are very efficient and destructive when they attack our structures. Dozens of species thrive in Australia, where they are very common.
TERMITE Control Services
Termites travel back and forth within termite tubes going from the colony to the food source (the wood in your home). These tubes are made of soil particles, water, saliva and fecal material; for this reason they are sometimes called mud tubes.

Termites eat wood and convert wood fiber or cellulose, into sugar. A large termite colony can do extensive damage to your house or business. Since termites often consume wood from the inside out, internally damaged wood can appear perfectly normal.

The presence of termite tubes is one of the best signs of a nearby termite colony. If you find anything like this please DO NOT TOUCH them and call us ASAP.


We do termite inspections on your property using a moisture meter and in some cases and Termite Radar Detection unit. With every inspection done you will be issued a full report and recommendations.

Inspections for subterranean termites can be a little more complicated, the colonies are hidden; you’ll need to look for signs of an infestation rather than the termites themselves.

Verminators Pest & Termite Control Services use the latest and most effective methods when it comes to getting rid of termites.

If you have found live termites please give us a call on 0468 498 688; we can help with a termite inspection or an initial treatment that will keep these harmful creatures at bay.


We use Termite baiting and Monitoring Stations such as Exterra, Nemesis and Sentricon.
‘Nemesis In-ground bait stations’ – if used, should be regularly inspected for termite activity. The bait should be replaced every 2 to 3 weeks once feeding commences. The termite colony loses whole generations of replacement members and gradually declines and finally collapses, particularly as the Queen is affected and dies.

The bait contains the active constituent chlorfluazuron, an insect growth regulator or IGR. The worker termites readily eat the bait and pass it on to other termites in the central nest as part of their mutual feeding and grooming process. Termites must regularly moult in their development from nymph to adult.



We can provide you with a quote for all your pest or termite control needs. If you are in the Illawarra Area and need an expert opinion regarding your current pest needs, our friendly and capable team will be happy to assist.

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